How to Design a Logo

What is a logo?

This question probably conjures up vivid images of a famous swoosh or an apple with a bite taken out of it. After all, we all know what a logo is. A logo is a symbol or design used to identify a company or organization, as well as its products, services, employees, etc.

Start With Your Story

Companies are created to make money — it’s not the most poetic statement, but it’s the one you need to start with. And in order to make a profitable business, you need to be able to sell yourself just as well as your product. Marketers today tend to agree that buyers connect much more strongly to stories than they do to the basic facts of your product. What does this mean to you? There needs to be some story in your logo.

Lay the groundwork

Logos such as Mercedes and Woolmark have become priceless assets for their respective companies. One of the most interesting parts of being a designer is that you get to learn new things with each new project. Every client is different, and even in the same profession, people do their jobs in many different ways.

Research your brand

Most of us dislike doing research — why can’t I just get started already?! — but it’s an important step in any major project.

Choose Design

The next step is to browse our large selection of templates. You can sort by category or search by specific keyword. Once you find a logo design concept you like simply click on it to start the customization process.

Identify Three Colors That Reflect Your Website

Picking the colors for your logo design doesn’t have to be hard. If you have your brand guidelines already defined, use those colors for your logo. You might have to tweak the colors a bit as you’re developing the logo’s design, but those brand colors are where you’re going to start.

Pick Fonts Carefully

Many designers just do not pay attention to the selection of typefaces and chose them randomly. The fact is that typefaces speak about the personality of a brand. For example, a typeface used for a toy company’s logo will most likely be a handwritten typeface. This is because the children are the target customers and you want to project your brand as a child-friendly business.

Refine, refine, refine

Step back and take a long, hard look at your masterpiece. Ensure it’s legible in all colour variants and sizes. Check the spacing between characters and the relationship between the symbol and type.