Factors That Influence Webpage Conversion Rates

A conversion rate is one of the key metrics of the website or landing page success. Check these practical tips on how to increase webpage conversion.

If it doesn’t convert, it doesn’t work. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) goes hand in hand with a company’s revenue growth. To make an online business profitable, both marketers and business owners should be concerned about visitors performing certain actions such as subscribing, filling out a form, or making a purchase. Today we are going to single out seven factors that influence these actions and lead to a conversion rate increase.


Relevant Traffic

When your start marketing of your product and service be clear about what type of audience will your potential customer otherwise you will hardly be able to make conversion.

There are many tools available that help you to identify your right audience and Google analytics is best for this. But you have been aware about your customer’s choice and exactly for what they are looking for, I mean their search intent.

Video on Landing Pages

Add testimonials, reviews, and logos

Changing Ads Too Quickly